About Us

IES (Intelligent Energy Solutions) is a subsidiary of NTCC (National Tri-generation CHP Company) based in Riyadh.

IES is the provider of rental and sale of equipment’s offering a broad spectrum of highest quality of services related to residential, commercial and industrial projects in Saudi Arabia. IES provides a comprehensive range of equipments and the expertise to successfully deploy the most complex projects in the energy field.

With the help of experienced Technical team, IES offers consultancy services to assist its customers in choosing the most adapted technology that suits their energy requirements. IES provides complete energy solutions where power is ready to use. IES offers 24/7 sales support and technical expertise to meet all the requirements of customers.

The main focus of IES being customer satisfaction, it continues to invest in quality & innovation.

We have the right solution for all your power needs


Customized power solutions

Cost efficient solutions

Availability of 24/7 service

Reliable & experienced technical team

Inhouse overhauling of our rental fleet ensuring the quality of standard


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